Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hell pizza

this is a bit similar to our keeping keeley campaign, but dare I say, better?

its a pizza company from New Zealand. the protagonist is a delivery guy trying to get a pizza to a customer. the context is a zombie ridden world. and unsurprisingly they have nz accents, which is always a winner in my books.

the format is a sequence of videos, each with a choice at the end, which results in continuing the mission or dying. when you reach the end of it all you are presented with the opportunity to win a years supply of pizza.

whilst the first video has clocked close to 800k (in about a week), 5 videos later its still clocking 250k, which is pretty good. i don't know how much of that is outside of nz, but i do know if i ever go there i'll be eating a Hell Pizza.

why do i like it? because its funny, watchable, and I used to love those choose your own adventure books when I was a kid...